System Tweaks

Below are a selection of popular hidden tweaks for System to help you optimize, customize, and tweak your system.

Change the Screenshot Image Format

Normally when you take a screenshot using Cmd ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + 4 it is saved in TIFF format, this tweak allows you to change the default format to PNG, JPG, GIF,…

Toggle Beep Feedback

This tweak controls whether the system will beep when an error or invalid entry occurs.

Toggle Menu Bar Transparency

This tweak controls whether the menu bars are transparent (translucent) or opaque.

Disable New Window Animation

This tweak will disable window animations when you use Cmd ⌘ + N to open a New Window.

Change Key Repeat vs. Character Picker

When you press and hold a key on the keyboard the previous default behavior was for it to repeat the key, now when you hold down a key it shows a character picker. You ca…

Disable Automatic Spell Checker

This tweak disables the automatic spell checker which has been included in Mac OS X Lion and later.

Disable Crash Reporter

Crash Reporter normally shows a dialog when an application has an unrecoverable error, on some systems it may be preferable to hide this dialog.

Disable Application Resume on Restart

Beginning with Mac OS X Lion when you restart the system it remembers the state of applications on shutdown and attempts to resume them on restart. This tweak allows you …

Change Font Smoothing

This tweak can be used to change the intensity of the font smoothing (anti-aliasing), either making the font's smoother or to disable altogether.