Mail Tweaks

Below are a selection of popular hidden tweaks for Mail to help you optimize, customize, and tweak your system.

Disable Send and Reply Animations

This tweak disables the Send and Reply animations displayed when you send a message in Apple Mail.

View Plain Text E-mail by Default in Mail

When activated this tweak causes Mail to show the plain-text version of an e-mail as the default, in-place of the HTML version.

Disable Automatic Data Parsing in Mail

Typically when you open an e-mail that includes structured data such as an address, phone numbers or dates, then Mail will show a popup with additional options. This twea…

Include Names When Copying Address to Clipboard

Beginning with OS X 10.6 the Apple Mail started copying names in addition to the address when you copied address to the clipboard. This tweak reverts the behavior to only…

Disable Inline Attachment Viewing

This tweak stops attachements from appearing in the body of received e-mail messages, instead they will appear as attached files.