Finder Tweaks

Below are a selection of popular hidden tweaks for Finder to help you optimize, customize, and tweak your system.

Disable .DS_Store Files on Network Drives

When accessing a remote file server with Finder it normally creates files named .DS_Store in each folder. This includes folders on network drives that may be shared with …

Show All Files in Finder

By default Mac OS X hides a number of files and directories in Finder that are not typically required by normal users. This includes hiding dot-files (.DS_Store, .Trashes…

Quarantine Downloaded Files

When you download a file in Mac OS X by default it will quarantine the newly downloaded files and show a prompt asking if you are sure you wish to open the file before al…

Show Path Bar in Finder

This tweak will control whether the Path Bar is always shown in the Finder window.

Show Path in Finder Title

This tweak controls whether the full path will be shown in the Finder title bar.

Hide Desktop Icons

This tweak can be used to hide all icons on your desktop by preventing the Desktop folder from being used.

Add Quit Menu Option to Finder

Typically Finder is running all the time and there is no Quit menu option allowing you to close it. This tweak adds a Quit option when you click Finder in the menu bar.

Simple Finder Interface

This tweak restricts Finder to a simple interface that restricts access to files not on the Desktop, and applications not in the Dock.

Disable CD/DVD Burning

This tweak will restrict the ability for users to burn files to optical media (CD / DVD / Blu-Ray) from Finder.

Disable the Warning When Changing File Extensions

When you change the extension of a file, for example from .csv to .txt, you will see a warning prompt. This tweak disables that prompt.