Dock Tweaks

Below are a selection of popular hidden tweaks for Dock to help you optimize, customize, and tweak your system.

Toggle Dock Animation

This tweak allows you to toggle whether to show the animation when opening applications from the Mac OS X dock.

Change the Dock Appearance

This tweak allow you to toggle between the default 3D glass appearance or the 2D flat black appearance of the Mac OS X Dock.

Change Dock Minimize Effect

When you minimize a Mac application to the dock it normally uses the "genie" effect. On slower machines this can be slow and processor intensive. This tweak allows you to…

Toggle Dock Maginification

Dock magnification will show an enlarged version of the icon when the mouse hovers over the dock icon. This tweak toggles whether this is enabled or disabled.

Disable Application Bounce in Dock

When applications require attention then can be made to bounce in the Dock. This tweak allows you to stop applications from bouncing.

Auto-hide the Dock

This tweak controls whether the dock with automatically hide when not being used, and be shown again when the mouse hovers over the dock location.

Remove the Auto-Hide Dock Delay

When you have the auto-hide dock setting enabled there is a very short delay before the dock is hidden. This tweak can be used to remove the delay.

Change Mission Control Animation Speed

Changing the speed of Mission Control animations can make Mac OS X feel faster when switching between apps and spaces in this mode.

Show Hidden Apps in the Dock

Normally when you Hide an application in the Dock the icon is hidden and not visible, with this tweak hidden apps will show in the dock with a translucent icon.

Highlight Stacked Items in Dock

Normally when you hover you mouse pointer over stacked items (e.g. Applications and Documents folders) in the Dock there is no hover highlighting meaning you may click th…