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November 8, 2016
November 27, 2017

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About CocoSpace
CocoSpace is an external browser management tool designed to improve productivity by allowing projects to be temporarily closed then opened later without a loss of continuity, i.e. searching for the project files to re-open. It is most effective when used along with multiple desktop views and when it is assigned to multiple desktop views. It can be used as the primary tool to mange url links, pdf files, ipython notebooks, and html documents.

CocoSpace is a combination of CocoLinks, CocoRead, and CocoData with a few extra features.

How is CocoSpace Useful?

CocoSpace is a must have when managing browser windows across multiple Desktops views. Just assign CocoSpace to all Desktop views by right clicking it on the Dock. Then, the "new window", Cmd-N, shortcut can be used to open a web browser window in a specific Desktop view.

CocoSpace implements a project structure in order to help you segregate your work. Each project appears under the selected profile label as a specified profile name. Each project divides your saved urls into multiple contexts, each with their own workspace. This arrangement enables you to switch between different projects and continue working from where you left off.

Creating a project is straightforward, find the dropdown menu, under the CocoLinks tab named Edit Profile and select New Profile and then follow the prompts.

CocoLinks Options: The Open, Save, and Delete buttons mainly correspond to managing url links in each profile. These buttons operate on the front most window of the "checked" web browser. There is an increase of control that comes with the "open in new window" option. Besides improved url management, this feature is incredibly useful when multiple Desktops Views are used because windows can be opened easily without dragging and dropping browser windows.

CocoSpace's CocoRead suite includes a tool to manage pdf files on the computer's file system. Sometimes multiple pdf files are located in a directory and need to be accessed for a project. The table format allows the user to easily find and open multiple pdf files in the browser. The same options such as choosing between Safari and Chrome or opening a document in a New Window also applies to pdfs.

CocoSpace's CocoData suite is an online data collection tool primarily designed to extract urls and image links from a webpage by using a regular expression, regex, query. The results from the query can be refined with a keep list and drop list. The results are then saved into a user specified .txt file in the Downloads folder which can then be imported so that all url links are opened into a new window. In addition, the inner HTML or outer HTML can be downloaded from a webpage into a .txt or .html file.

System Requirements
CocoSpace work requires a Macintosh and a Mac OS X version 10.8 or later installed. CocoSpace profiles are located in the app's container folder as it is required by Apple for distributed applications. CocoSpace supports Safari and Chrome.

The application is ready for use after downloading. Moving the CocoSpace to the dock allows for easy access to different profiles.

For More Information
Please email me at

Note about the author
This app was made by Rohan Kotwani, B.S. in Electrical Engineering & M.S. in Analytics

What's New
Hotfix: CocoRead was not opening files correctly.

CocoSpace (com.rohan.cocospace) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Aploader. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is CocoSpace 5.4.