What's New

SourceTree 2.3.2 - Minor Release [25 October 2016]

  • Add support for progressive rollout of updates
  • Git-LFS 1.4.2 with Bitbucket Cloud Media API
Bug Fixes

SourceTree 2.3.1 - Minor Release [31 May 2016]

  • Add "Copy to Clipboard" option to contextual menu for branches, tags, remotes [SRCTREE-3743]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix alert suppression, hiding . files, and refreshing sidebar for Hg-Attic content
  • Select Remotes tab in Repo Settings when creating a new one [SRCTREE-3835]
  • Correct sidebar menu selection in various scenarios [SRCTREE-3791]
  • Prevent Commit button disappearing on small screens [SRCTREE-3723]
  • Improve tabbing order in git/hg flow windows [SRCTREE-2682]
  • Bookmarks browser's ... button does something again [SRCTREE-3754]
  • Properly support Git repo with core.worktree set [SRCTREE-3777]
  • Fix crash when pushing in various scenarios [SRCTREE-3786]
  • Fix crash when certain key combinations were pressed [SRCTREE-3790]
  • Fix crash when deleting from popover in tree view [SRCTREE-3802]
  • Fix Fabric Crash Report #25 [SRCTREE-3833]
  • Fix Fabric Crash Report #29 [SRCTREE-3768]
  • Fix Fabric Crash Report #17 [SRCTREE-3769]
  • Fix Fabric Crash Report #19 [SRCTREE-3770]
  • Fix Fabric Crash Report #43 [SRCTREE-3771]
  • Fix Fabric Crash Report #22 [SRCTREE-3772]
  • Fix Fabric Crash Report #32 [SRCTREE-3774]
  • Updated localizations from Transifex

SourceTree 2.3 - Major Release [9 May 2016]

  • Commit Message Templates! Global and per-repo settings available with Markdown support
  • Updated icons with a splash of color
  • Position icon badges in upper right corner [SRCTREE-3597]
  • Use relative date formatting wherever possible [SRCTREE-1517]
  • Removing untracked items now moves them to Trash instead of deleting permanently [SRCTREE-1791]
  • Integrate Fabric/Crashlytics for crash reporting [SRCTREEDEV-541
  • Update embedded git to 2.8.1
  • Update embedded git-LFS to 1.2
  • Update embedded Mercurial to 3.7.3
  • Add menu item for Getting Git Right website [SRCTREEJ-45]
  • Speed up cloning with LFS dramatically
  • Update Sparkle to 1.14.0
  • Add Support Website link in Help menu [SRCTREEJ-91]
  • Remove Help Book and anchors due to outdated content [SRCTREEJ-70]
  • Add Korean as a supported localization [SRCTREE-3746]
  • Rewrite shelving to use core Mercurial instead of hg-attic extension; includes compatibility mode for existing shelves
Bug Fixes
  • Address several cases of detached HEADs in git [SRCTREEDEV-530]
  • Fix crash when installing command line tools [SRCTREE-3581]
  • Fix occasional crash when switching branches [SRCTREE-2731]
  • Improve keyboard navigation in advanced repo options [SRCTREE-3666]
  • Change time... specifically the size of its icon for previous messages [SRCTREEDEV-389]
  • Increase visibility of scan directory option in repository browser [SRCTREE-3001]
  • Fix incorrect button ordering in 'rebase in progress' dialog [SRCTREE-3660]
  • Fix crash related to Gravatar images [SRCTREE-3697]
  • Remove view option onboarding popover [SRCTREEDEV-428]
  • Address occasional crash when using interactive rebase or push to... menu items [SRCTREE-3748]
  • Fix Fabric Crash Report #10 [SRCTREE-3750]
  • Fix Fabric Crash Report #11 [SRCTREE-3749]
  • Only prompt once per missing merge/diff tool
  • Add tooltips to repository toolbar items
  • Fix crash if system git is missing when opening a mercurial repo + git subrepo
  • Updated localizations from Transifex

SourceTree 2.2.4 - Minor Release [23 March 2016]

  • Update embedded git to 2.7.4 (x86_64 only now) [SRCTREE-3641]

SourceTree 2.2.3 - Minor Release [3 March 2016]

Please refer to 2.2 for major changes.

  • All prior supported localizations have been restored and updated [SRCTREE-3549]
  • Tightened spacing between items in the source list [SRCTREE-3478]
  • Tree View now uses the OS folder representation [SRCTREE-3481]
  • Improved diff font fallback support
  • External Diff and Blame Selected... support in the File Log's contextual menu [SRCTREE-2867]
  • "Delete after applying" for stashes is remembered across uses now [SRCTREE-3596]
Bug Fixes
  • The white wizard has been banished (no more blank screens on launch) [SRCTREE-3546]
  • External merge with Kaleidoscope and Beyond Compare 4 works again [SRCTREE-3473, SRCTREE-3570]
  • Double-clicking to unstage files in git works again [SRCTREE-3586]
  • Creating an Hg Flow works reliably again [SRCTREE-3563]
  • Editing default URLs works reliably again [SRCTREE-3559]
  • Pushing a git tag to a remote works reliably again [SRCTREE-3564]
  • Applying a patch file works reliably again [SRCTREE-3562]
  • Addressed a number of additional regressions due to modal alert conversions
  • The push/pull count for the current branch is no longer indented [SRCTREE-3545]
  • Updated links [SRCTREE-3588, SRCTREE-3582]

SourceTree 2.2.2 - Minor Release [22 February 2016]

Addresses distribution issues for 2.2.1

SourceTree 2.2.1 - Minor Release [22 February 2016]

Please refer to 2.2 for major changes.

  • Restore Git/Hg Flow toolbar bar (customizable option)
  • New set of file status icons
Bug Fixes
  • Reset Hard works properly again
  • Merging no longer locks up the app
  • Editing Custom Actions in Preferences works properly again
  • Creating remote repositories doesn't lock up anymore
  • No more blurry or clipped assets in welcome wizard and toolbar
  • Pull sheet for Mercurial can no longer become detached
  • Source list in repo windows resizes properly
  • Beyond Compare merge support updated
  • Welcome Wizard no longer gets stuck in a limbo state when resuming
  • Welcome Wizard now includes basic connectivity checks
  • Atlassian account login no longer shows a white screen occasionally
  • Patch overwriting will longer produce a failure
  • Amending commit text overwrites accordingly
  • Toolbar overlay counts are now accurate
  • Applying a stash now defaults to the non-destructive option
  • Mercurial pull previews no longer show an 'hg cat' error when diffing
  • Clone dialog in the repo browser resizes properly when expanding/collapsing
  • Workspace is now expanded by default when upgrading to show where View Mode options moved
  • SSH protocol is saved properly for Bitbucket Cloud accounts

SourceTree 2.2 - Major Release [16 February 2016]

Please note our Terms and Conditions have changed. Please see our Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy to learn more before installing this update.

  • Atlassian account
    • Use existing Atlassian credentials to login to SourceTree (create a new account here)
  • Git LFS
    • Automatically install LFS tools
    • Initialize LFS for repositories
    • View diffs of large files
    • Modify what file types to track
  • UI Update
    • Icon refresh
    • Streamlined toolbar
    • View switcher is now in the source list's Workspace section
  • Beyond Compare support as an external diff tool
  • Copy SHA-1 as an Edit menu command (Opt + Cmd + C)
  • Open in Terminal menu item for repositories browser
  • Display file size for binaries that don't show a diff preview
Bug Fixes
  • Update account info when connecting accounts with a new repository
  • SourceTree will no longer freeze when creating a new remote repository
  • A repository's source list selection will no longer mysteriously reset itself
  • Upgraded embedded git to 2.6.4
  • Upgraded Sparkle to 1.13.1

SourceTree 2.1 - Minor Release [15 December 2015]


SourceTree - Bug fix release [30 November 2015]

  • STSP-2661 - Repeated crashes - BUG in libdispatch client: kevent[EVFILT_WRITE] delete

SourceTree - Bug fix release [23 November 2015]

  • SRCTREE-3260 - SourceTree crashes a couple of seconds after start
  • SRCTREEDEV-232 - Rationalize the format of the MAU GAS events between Mac and Windows

SourceTree - Bug fix release with updates to analytics [16 November 2015]

  • SRCTREEDEV-208 - update embedded git to 2.6.2
  • SRCTREEDEV-202 - Updated analytics pipeline to use REST services
  • SRCTREE-3255 - Invalid char in json during registration process
  • Updated translations for localized content

SourceTree - Resolving signing issues [13 October 2015]

SourceTree - Bugfix release [13 October 2015]

  • SRCTREE-3185: SourceTree freezes during startup in OS 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • SRCTREE-3182: Unable to clone from Bitbucket Server 4.0.2
  • SRCTREE-3166: Cloning Bitbucket Server 4.0 repositories via Hosted Repositories is not possible due to error in the URL

SourceTree - Bugfix release [24 September 2015]

  • SRCTREEDEV-85 corrected the MAU heartbeat url to be HTTPS and fixed the active flag to be boolean not binary
  • SRCTREEDEV-147 rebranded ”Stash" to "Bitbucket Server"
  • SRCTREEDEV-164 Updated build to continue to use SDK 10.10

SourceTree - Bugfix release [3 February 2015]

  • Fixed issue where if SourceTree was set to anything but English it could crash on startup

SourceTree 2.0.5 - Bugfix release [3 February 2015]

  • SRCTREE-2882: Use git-2.2.1-intel-universal-snow-leopard.dmg for the embedded Git version to support Lion onwards for SourceTree users
  • SRCTREE-2834: Handle Stash authentication error so user is presented with a dialog, and subsequent API calls attempts aren't made.
  • SRCTREE-2903: Fixed subtree by updating the embedded extension
  • SRCTREE-2661: Allow users to push if they have tags and branches with the same name by using the fully qualified refs, e.g. refs/heads/branch_name or refs/tags/tag_name
  • SRCTREE-2907: Fix the hgsubversion extension so users can use and interact with their hg-svn repos without receiving errors even if hgsubversion and hgattic are both turned on. Both extensions now work. Also updated the guide on CAC in case user intervention is required: https://confluence.atlassian.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=285840840
  • SRCTREE-2710: Fix for the 'dataCell' crash bug users on Yosemite were experiencing
  • SRCTREE-2815: Fix a crash bug users were receiving when using 'Commit Selected'
  • SRCTREE-2850: Stop using the current language's push preferences as the text to persist out to the user git config, it should always use the English variant.
  • SRCTREE-2859: Disable push branches drop-down if modification of Git/Mercurial config option is disabled on the general tab
  • SRCTREE-2734: Add/link subtree dialog now generates a relative path when using the folder selector and warns you if you're using an absolute path

SourceTree 2.0.4 - Bugfix release [19 December 2014]

  • Update embedded Git to version 2.2.1 and embedded Mercurial to version 3.2.3 to address the CVE-2014-9390 vulnerability
  • SRCTREE-2796: Top-level domains of '.technology' can now be used to register Atlassian accounts through SourceTree

SourceTree 2.0.3 - Bugfix release [06 November 2014]

  • SRCTREE-2732: Instead of cloning master by default, clone what the remote refs/HEAD points to if unspecified
  • SRCTREE-2749: Fix crash bug a small number of users were occasionally experiencing
  • SRCTREE-2751: If a merge fails use a scrollable error panel in case the message is large
  • SRCTREE-2718: Fix rendering artefact in the scope bar when toggling between full mode
  • SRCTREE-2739: Stop long paths from making the push/pull sheet larger
  • STSP-1429: Safety check to prevent reported crash

SourceTree 2.0.2 - Bugfix release

  • Expand / collapse bookmark groups on double-click
  • Fix restoration of repo browser window position when not using Mac OS-level app window restoration (SRCTREE-2695)
  • Fix layout issue with log selected window not using full height
  • Fix a few more cases of custom action shortcuts having Shift modifier incorrectly added & therefore binding to wrong key combination
  • Fix detection of custom action keyboard shortcut clashes with menu items when Shift is involved (SRCTREE-2722)
  • Fix disabled Custom Actions in bookmarks pane (SRCTREE-2721)
  • Slightly change rendering of repo icon so as not to clip the border circle & cause aliasing
  • Workaround for random crash when switching sidebar content (SRCTREE-2714)
  • Fix using 'stree' command line tool on a non-repo folder when app was closed & bookmarks was not open on last close (SRCTREE-2703)
  • Translation updates

SourceTree 2.0.1 - Bugfix release

  • Added a 'Compact View' option to bookmarks window for people who want less layout space & smaller icons. You'll find it in the 'Gear' menu in the top-right of the window.
  • Fix excessive CPU usage when application is hidden with Cmd+H & potentially other cases
  • Fix problem opening some repositories & missing toolbar icons on Yosemite Developer Preview
  • Fix locked UI after 'Add to Bookmarks' window is closed with Cmd-W or window close button instead of Cancel
  • Don't make repo browser full screen when activated from a full screen repo window
  • Fix custom action shortcuts having Shift modifier incorrectly added
  • Translation updates

SourceTree 2.0.0 - Major Release

  • New repository browser
    • Replaces the old Bookmarks and Hosted Projects windows in one (use Local / Remote switch at top left)
    • New cleaner visual style; if you need the path or the detailed status, press Space to see more detail on the selected repo.
    • Repository avatars - displays your Bitbucket repo avatars, and will also look for logo/icon.png|tiff|jpg|gif locally.
    • More optimised bookmark status refreshing, faster for large numbers of bookmarks
    • One button to create new repositories
    • You can now create a new remote repository on Bitbucket/Stash/GitHub when creating a local repository. Also use 'Publish to remote' context option topublish existing repos to remote services easily.
    • Cloning now takes place inside a 'pending' bookmark instead of a separate floating window, with a progress bar. If you try to open an in-progress clone, you get the full task dialog.
  • New languages added: German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (BR), Russian and Ukrainian are new in this release, joining the existing French and Japanese translations.
  • Icon updates Application icon and other in-app icons have been updated & flattened; now Yosemite friendly!
  • When diff is suppressed for a file, include text to explain this and a button to open the preferences to change it
  • A few bugfixes for edge case crashes & hangs

SourceTree 1.9.8 - bugfix release

  • Fix beachball condition when confirming a commit just as the 'push to' branch list was refreshing
  • Fix a rare crash in certain timing conditions (SRCTREE-2605)
  • Don't prevent committing when in interactive rebase edit state
  • Fix crash bug when registering on Mac OS X 10.7 (SRCTREE-2622)

SourceTree 1.9.7 - bugfix release

  • Fixed several intermittent crash issues
  • Re-implement support for git commit templates which was accidentally omittied in 1.9 (SRCTREE-2586)

SourceTree 1.9.6 - bugfix release

  • Fix failure to auto-refresh in the case where 2 file events are raised while the app is in the background, one which should be ignored and one which shouldn't (SRCTREE-2531)
  • Rename context menu 'Commit' to 'Commit Selected' for clarity (SRCTREE-2556)
  • Fix crash when pushing a git-svn repository to an alternate Git repository (SRCTREE-2554)
  • Fix a crash if a repository window is closed while a binary diff preview is being generated(SRCTREE-2552)
  • Fix tree view not maintaining checkbox state across refreshes and also reporting 'No files selected' when there are (SRCTREE-2558)
  • Fix diff hanging on lines with several hundred thousand characters; diffs are now limited to max 10k characters per line (SRCTREE-2533)
  • Updated translations

SourceTree - hotfix

  • A couple more compatibility fixes for OS X Lion (10.7) which were missed in the last hotfix

SourceTree - hotfix

  • Fix compatibility issues with OS X Lion (10.7)
  • Fix problem with authentication prompt when using HTTPS URL on private git repos
  • Fix missing right-click menu on files within a commit when viewing in tree view

SourceTree 1.9.5 - optimisation & bugfix release

  • Support git 2.0's new default push.branch mode of 'simple' rather than 'matching'. SourceTree will detect what version of git you're running and will reflectthe default for that version if you haven't explicitly chosen a mode.
  • SourceTree will no longer auto-refresh when changes are detected inside ignored directories. For this to work the directory itself needs to be ignored rather than the file that changed, since the Mac FSEvents notifier only includes directory information. Both the global ignore and the root repository-specific .gitignore/.hgignore are used to filter auto-refresh events.
  • Memory optimisations; SourceTree should now use less memory and release it faster as windows are closed.
  • Fix random crash in NSFileHandle which would occur with variable frequency depending on the user
  • Fix garbled characters in log when a commit has been made with Cyrillic 866 encoded characters (probably on Windows) in the message or author, which previously broke decoding hard and caused a backup non-UTF decoder to be used which garbled all other commit lines in that batch. Now we manually sanitise that broken commit so other rows can be decoded as valid UTF
  • Also deal with another case of bad encoding which could cause single commits to be omitted from the log
  • Make sure log refreshes immediately after creating a tag
  • In the rare case that a TTY could not be created, avoid hanging & report properly in the log. Should never occur really but there is a possible resource starvation case.
  • Fix for git credential helper not saving the password when core git credential helper isn't present. Reworked in such a way it doesn't cause constant user prompts to access keychain like previous fix did.
  • Fix incorrect date format in command output history pane (SRCTREE-2501)
  • Fix inability to close Preferences window if both the Full Name and Email Address fields are left blank (SRCTREE-2491)
  • When defaulting the push destination in git with push.branch set to 'matching', prefer origin over other remotes (SRCTREE-2489)
  • Fix sorting problems in log view, including sort by filename and tree view sorting
  • Prevent very long branch names from overlapping the buttons in the Commit panel (SRCTREE-2496)
  • Do not reset Hide Remote Branches option when simply selecting a local branch. (SRCTREE-2469)
  • Don't reset the branch filter when the branch you clicked on is the branch already being filtered by.
  • Fix using 'Current Branch' option in log view on a detached HEAD causing a git error (SRCTREE-2475)
  • Fix the display of HEAD in the sidebar in more recent versions of git when on a detached HEAD
  • When double-clicking to switch branch, don't reset the filter away from 'Current Branch' (SRCTREE-2461)
  • Clicking 'Details' button on a failed clone URL detection now provides output in a scrollable sheet, not a window which might be too big (SRCTREE-2452)
  • Fix split view errors in log when restoring a small window, hopefully fixes intermittent splitview size issues
  • Fix stuck refresh in file list
  • Double-clicking folders in the tree view now opens in Finder, as in 1.8
  • Support double-clicking files & folders in the tree view when viewing a commit
  • Sanitise git remote names more strictly than just spaces, don't allow other characters like : ^ etc (SRCTREE-2518)
  • Disallow creating duplicate remote names
  • Fix some GitHub API error messages not being displayed in full in the hosted repositories login error dialog
  • Better preservation of tree view expanded state when staging/unstaging (SRCTREE-2485)

SourceTree - hotfix

  • Fix being unable to use SourceTree on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) after a fresh install
  • Fix French & Japanese translations missing one of the diff optimisations
  • Fix clipped text on the 'Add account' page of the welcome wizard on some macs

SourceTree 1.9.4 - minor release

  • The commit details file list now supports all 3 view modes (single col, multi-col and tree) just like the file status view
  • When the current selected file disappears from the file status list (staging/unstaging/deleting), select the file after or before it on next refresh, rather than reset to the first item (SRCTREE-2427). This is more intuitive when staging one file after another in longer lists.
  • The diff view scrolling behaviour is now faster & smoother
  • Fix staging by spacebar hanging on refresh sometimes, especially in large repos with many files
  • File searching now works when in tree view mode (SRCTREE-2423)
  • Allow a blank email to be used as a global user preference (SRCTREE-1904)
  • Fix occasional blank file lists when switching between log & file status views when not fully initialised (SRCTREE-2425)
  • Speed up the re-refresh when switching view modes if another refresh was in flight when you changed it
  • Fix view option tip pop-up being able to be vertically compressed so not displaying full message on some setups
  • Fix error reporting when a failure occurs during staging/unstaging (SRCTREE-2442)
  • Fix disabling the analytics in the welcome wizard not correctly disabling the option in Preferences (SRCTREE-2447)

SourceTree - hotfix release

  • Fix crash when dragging item from tree view with fluid staging mode or no staging mode enabled (SRCTREE-2414)
  • Make 'Sort by path' more intuitive; search by folder, then filename within rather than by full pathThis means that items in higher folder levels get listed together, instead of with subfolders potentially in between
  • Fix HTTPS authentication in git constantly prompting for access to the keychain even if Always Allow is clicked (SRCTREE-2422)
  • Use multi-column view for commit file list by popular demand

SourceTree 1.9.3 - UX feedback update & bugfix release

  • New file view options: Based on user feedback we've added additional options to customise the file status view, which are available from a new button in the scope bar:
    • Flat list (single column) - display files as a flat list with the full path (previously the only option in 1.9)
    • Flat list (multiple columns) - still a flat list but split the file name and path into separate columns (1.8 flat style)
    • Tree view - display the files & containing folders as a tree
  • New staging options:
    • No staging - don't use staging
    • Fluid staging - files are in one list with headers for staged / unstaged, previously the only option in 1.9
    • Split view staging - staged/unstaged files are in 2 separate lists with a vertical split, and you can drag/drop between them
  • Commit selected is back: if you're not using staging this just flips the right checkboxes for you, but if you're using git staging then you'll be temporarily switched to 'No staging' mode so you can commit checked files separate to your index, and then returned to your staging view afterwards.
  • Allow blank email to be set in repo preferences if user requires it (SRCTREE-1904)
  • Selection of lines in the diff pane is now preserved over refreshes, provided that part of the diff didn't change
  • Fixed a case where refreshing of file list got 'stuck' intermittently
  • Fixed authentication issues for people who didn't have an entry in their keychain for a given host
  • Fix not refreshing log after the push element of a commit & push operation fails (SRCTREE-2346)
  • Fix tab navigation when editing remotes (SRCTREE-2344)
  • Ignore hg-checklink- files in auto-refresh
  • Fix not being able to commit if global preference is set to push but repo has no remotes (SRCTREE-2335)
  • Don't display "(null)/master" as push target in commit popup when no remotes exist.
  • When switching from file status to log view uncommitted & back, make sure filter is synced as well as content so mismatch can't happen (SRCTREE-2351)
  • Make sure draft commit message is saved if application / window is closed while commit panel is still expanded (SRCTREE-2356)
  • Make sure uncommitted line is included in log when only change is a missing file (SRCTREE-2381)
  • Fix internal exception when clearing the text in the git flow start dialog (SRCTREE-2375)

SourceTree 1.9.2 - Bugfix release

  • Fix clone and web URLs for Bitbucket repositories from Hosted Repositories if they had spaces in the name
  • Remember the last filter used in the file status & default to that
  • Save sorting preferences on file status view
  • Fix extremely long filenames pushing the diff pane too wide (SRCTREE-2303)
  • Don't automatically flip to staging mode from commit selected mode when added/removed files are detected (SRCTREE-2310)
  • Add tooltip to diff file header to provide more details especially about renamed files (SRCTREE-2311)
  • Allow blank name or email to be specified in git repo settings if people really want (SRCTREE-2313)
  • Fix 'Commit' button not being enabled when committing selected if default state was all unchecked and you checked boxes only in the log view before engaging commit mode (SRCTREE-2302)
  • Fix not displaying more than 25 repositories for any one Stash project (SRCTREE-2308)
  • Staging using the header checkbox now only stages the currently filtered files, instead of staging all files (SRCTREE-2321)

SourceTree 1.9.1 - Bugfix release

  • Restored the Shift-Cmd-L keyboard shortcut for Pull. The 'Show Sidebar' shortcut had accidentally replaced it, it's now Shift-Cmd-K
  • Fixed Actions > Commit menu option
  • Fixed scrollbar overlapping final line of diff hunks, especially a problem if you'd set scrollbars to 'Always show' (SRCTREE-2228)
  • Fixed file list quick access menu pop-over sizing problems on non-Retina machines like iMacs (SRCTREE-2225)
  • Truncate file names at start rather than middle, so file name is more likely to be unaffected on narrow views (SRCTREE-2232, SRCTREE-2240).
  • Fix not being able to perform actions on moved/renamed files. (SRCTREE-2231)
  • Automatically flip 'Use the staging area' on if you view a repository with staged changes to avoid confusion
  • Auto-refresh the 'push to' label in the commit pane if open while user switched branches (SRCTREE-2250)
  • The 'Push changes immediately' option in git commits now correctly picks up tracked branches on forks if the push mode is 'upstream' or derivatives (SRCTREE-2272)
  • When adding previous commit messages, move duplicate messages to the top (SRCTREE-2275)
  • Fix switching back to binary side-by-side diff after switching to Before view (SRCTREE-2283)

SourceTree 1.9.0 - Major Release!

Note: OS X 10.6 is no longer supported. SourceTree now only works on OS X 10.7 or higher.

  • New & improved commit experience
    • Commit experience is now embedded right in the file status view, no separate sheet
    • Default git view for new users is now 'commit selected' for simplicity but view switches to staging when that feature is used
    • One-click staging / unstaging in file list
    • Streamlined pop-out commit pane with keyboard shortcuts on all options like push, signing, previous commit messages etc
    • Quick-access '...' button for most common operations
    • Amend last commit is now available in Mercurial as well as Git
    • File search now automatically switches to the 'All Files' filter (and back) when no more matches are found, allowing you to more quickly find files in your codebase
  • New & improved diff view
    • New cleaner look! The boundaries of files and hunks is now clearer and the visual style is easier on the eyes
    • Source code scrolls separately per hunk and from the rest of the view, keeping controls more accessible
    • Dynamic buttons for hunk/line operations to cut down on UI complexity
    • Side-by-side binary diffs
  • Hosted Repositories now automatically lists ALL repositories in your teams / organisations / projects that are accessible from your account, not just the ones you follow. Use the filter if your company is large to quickly drill down.
  • Improved Setup Wizard for new users
  • The Working Copy sidebar entry now has an indicator of the number of files uncommitted
  • Subtree support now includes a squash option when adding
  • Scope bar at the top of the log view has a new style to fit better with latest UI changes
  • New DMG backdrop for first installers
  • When opening a repo window, if there's nothing to display in the file status view AND there's at least one commit, default to showing the log
  • Began the process of externalising translations through Transifex, when this is complete we'll be able to add more languages.
  • The git --set-upstream option is no longer used (deprecated)
  • Improvements to the git credential helper which should result in fewer user prompts when using 'usernameless' HTTPS URLs
  • Using duplicate / empty git stash names no longer causes problems
  • Double clicking stashes/shelves behaves like other items in the sidebar and performs that action, i.e. to unshelve/unstash.
  • Fixed issues with ambiguous tag names in git
  • Fix incorrect selection tracking in the file list view if the log view had been viewed first but the Uncommitted line had never been clicked
  • File names containing '->' now show their full file name instead of just the file extension.
  • Fix staging last hunk in a file where the unidiff format omits the latter part (comma onwards) of the header
  • Fix for occasional white line rendering artefacts between red/green background in diff when scrolling slowly
  • Fix invalid archive validation text

SourceTree 1.8.1 - Minor Release

  • SRCTREE-2064: Log view's branch filter now works in Git
  • SRCTREE-2066: File list in the log view can no longer be completely hidden
  • SRCTREE-1930: Changed the window collection behaviour to default so it’ll take you to the space the bookmarks window is active on
  • SRCTREE-1835: Now completely disable the GPG checkbox if no GPG keys are available
  • SRCTREE-2038: Fixed a problem with file descriptors running out when SourceTree was longing for long periods of time
  • SRCTREE-2030: Disable the substitution of double-dashes and quotes with special characters by default
  • Updated SVN documentation to include troubleshooting in the event SVN URLs don't work
  • SRCTREE-2029: Replaced the recursive option for submodules so it instead updates them all as authentication fails when using recursive flag on new authentication model
  • SRCTREE-1833: Ensure the checkboxes are aligned on the Git commit sheet. Pretty sure they already were, but re-aligned to be certain.
  • SRCTREE-1992: Crash bug in viewing a diff on a particular file format
  • SRCTREE-1080: Correct Japanese translations for the subtree feature
  • SRCTREE-1998: Saving of subtrees now work on newly cloned repositories

SourceTree - Hotfix Release


SourceTree - Hotfix Release

  • Fixed an edge case which could cause SourceTree to crash on startup
  • The analytics preference wasn't being remembered when being set in the SourceTree preferences

SourceTree - Hotfix Release

  • A bug on startup would cause an instant crash in some cases

SourceTree 1.8.0 - Major Release

  • Subtree support now added!
  • Updated embedded Git version
  • Usage statistics recorded with user consent
  • SRCTREE-1946: Further help for when using GPG in the event the user specifies the wrong path
  • STSP-797: Rare crash caused by old Bitbucket accounts in hosted repositories with older internal state
  • SRCTREE-1821: Fixed an issue when bookmarks are resized very small causing layout to display incorrectly
  • SRCTREE-1802: The patch sheet now has borders around it to be more consistent with other screens
  • SRCTREEWIN-1198: Respect the user’s init.templatedir configuration when creating / cloning repos
  • SRCTREE-1928: Fixed a crash bug some users were experiencing
  • SRCTREE-1434: You can no longer specify a message with lightweight tags

SourceTree - Minor Release

  • Fix font size in file status views, had accidentally been increased by 2pt in 1.7.4

SourceTree 1.7.4 - Minor Release

  • Fix crashes on Mavericks which only some users experienced.
  • Fix git commit errors of the form 'unable to create temp file' which some people encountered
  • Fix clone from BB/Stash link trying hg instead of git if you actioned the dialog before the 'checking URL' spinner stopped
  • Fix looking up the wrong gpg install instead of the user-specified one. For those users who had 'gpg' and 'gpg2' which weren't symlinked meant it wouldn't work if they had older installs of gpg.
  • Force push checkbox now sticks to the bottom left of the push sheet.
  • When committing a missing file in ‘selected files’ mode, should behave like the inverse of unknown files i.e. remove the file

SourceTree 1.7.3 - Minor Release

  • Fixed a bug in Git Rebase Interactive sheet where checking the 'amend' checkbox then clicking 'edit' caused a UI bug blocking the application (SRCTREE-1828)
  • Mercurial patching failed meaning users couldn't use custom Mercurial versions - we've now removed this method completely and replaced it with a more robust solution using extensions (SRCTREE-1599)

SourceTree 1.7.2 - Minor Release

  • Added 'Create pull request' checkbox to commit dialog so you can proceed directly to creating a pull request after committing.
  • Fix french translation for Create pull request on main menu
  • Improved Japanese translations

SourceTree 1.7.1 - Minor Release

  • Add a 'Changeset' option to the Mercurial pull dialog to replace the removed 'Revision' field (SRCTREE-1847)
  • Fix an authentication bug that would cause the new Mercurial pull sheet to always display 'No changes' from a private repo with HTTPS (SRCTREE-1855)
  • Fix search with File Changes option selected in git (SRCTREE-1856)

SourceTree 1.7.0 - Major Release

  • Create pull requests via SourceTree!
  • Major cloning improvements
  • Sign commits and tags in Git and Mercurial
  • Command output history introduced to discover what actions you recently carried out
  • Incoming/outgoing full diff in Mercurial
  • Bundling when pulling changes in Mercurial to reduce bandwidth usage by up to 100%
  • Improved searching in hosted repositories
  • New "fetch" indicator in the footer when a fetch is in progress
  • Reorder custom actions by dragging and dropping to set the desired order (SRCTREE-763)
  • Vastly improved Japanese translations
  • Branch indicator lozenge on commit sheets is now right aligned and transparent
  • Improved documentation, including a list of all shortcuts available in the application
  • Three window restoration options are now available: do not open, always open, or use OS preference
  • Keyboard shortcut Cmd+B will both open and close the bookmarks window and will bring it to your active desktop
  • New repository option to disable recursive submodule operations
  • Duplicate bookmarks are detected in add repository screen
  • Drag and drop patches onto SourceTree and it will automatically open the apply patch sheet
  • Force push supported as a checkbox if enabled from preferences
  • The commit sheet now allows you to resize the commit message against the diff
  • "Askpass" authentication hook now called "SourceTreeLogin" so it's easier to identify
  • Mercurial commit sheet now shows author and allows you to modify the author at commit time (git already supported this)
  • Cmd+F or Cmd+Shift+F for searching now works from various contexts in the application (Bookmarks, Log etc.)
  • Personal repositories are now supported for Stash in hosted repositories
  • "Show in Finder" icon now retina ready
  • Log view now uses case insenstive ordering like Finder
  • Can 'Format to Guidelines' (hard wrap) the commit text by command clicking the commit text
  • A new warning appears if the user tries to delete a bookmark which has outstanding changes or untracked non-ignored files. (SRCTREE-1550)
  • If you hit a branch in the sidebar and click "Push To... <branch name>" it will auto-open the advanced view and auto-select the branch you wish to push (SRCTREE-460)
  • Added "Push revision X" to the context menu on the log view and "Push <branch>" menu items to Mercurial repositories only. (SRCTREE-460)
  • Added Cmd+F shortcuts to bookmarks view to immediately take you to the search input box (SRCTREE-1610)
  • Add support for "simple" option to git push.default in preferences
  • Added tooltips to the push options in preferences which are more descriptive
  • Localisations improved on the pull sheet (SRCTREE-1387)
  • Fixed bug where the window pane split was wrong on startup
  • File list can't be hidden against the diff view as you couldn't tell where it had gone. (SRCTREE-1700)
  • Git Rebase Interactive fixes so core.editor settings don't override SourceTree's interaction with rebase editors.
  • Fix window restoration bug causing windows not to be restored correctly

SourceTree - Minor Release

  • Fixes for crash bugs users were experiencing when trying to interactively rebase.
  • When using the fetch extension you can no longer specify a branch on checkout as the extension doesn't allow this. (SRCTREE-1672)
  • Fixed a bug where even when the 'Check default remotes for updates every...' option is disabledconnections to remotes were still being made (SRCTREE-1684)
  • Visual bug in the file status view headers which caused the table rows to seep through. Forced a background colour to render to stop the table from rendering behind the label.
  • Sorting is now case insensitive just like Finder now (SRCTREE-1440)
  • Some support for tabbing to move across columns in the column view (SRCTREE-373)
  • Sync the remote branch after you've changed your tracking branch for a local one (SRCTREE-1695)
  • Interactive rebase now works in submodules. Also fixed a bug with submodules not recognising they're in a rebase state due to Git 1.8+ changing the .git file format for paths to be relative instead of absolute. (SRCTREE-1698)

SourceTree - Minor Release

  • A warning in Git appears when creating a stash with the same name to say you're creating a stash with the same name and a warning appears in Mercurial to say that your shelve with the same name will be overwritten (SRCTREE-1666)
  • New window restoration options to support 10.6+ (options are different if you're on 10.6). A drop-down is now available to either always re-open windows on startup or to use the OS preferences. (SRCTREE-1612)
  • New SourceTree credential helper for Git now deals with all authentication from Git version 1.7.10+ (replaces Askpass).
  • Fixed an issue where repositories in the symlink folder /private wouldn't work (SRCTREE-1669)
  • If the branches required for hg/git flow didn't already exist when initialising a repository then it silently fails, but will still 'semi-initialise' (creates config, doesn't 'init' the repo for git flow). A warning is now shown if the required branches don't exist and the process will not continue (SRCTREE-1696)
  • Bookmarks window will now open if no other windows are open on startup (SRCTREE-1717)

SourceTree - Hotfix Release

  • Fixed a bug when pulling from your remote tracking branch caused a message warning you that you're not pulling from your tracking branch. This occurred when pulling from the sidebar.

SourceTree - Hotfix Release

  • Crash bug when context-clicking files/folders in the column view of Mercurial.
  • Stash repositories were reporting as being Mercurial repositories.

SourceTree 1.6.2 - Minor Release

  • When pulling from a non-tracked branch to your local branch a warning will be shown to confirm this is the desired action.
  • New Mercurial preference asks if you want to see the revision or the changeset in the log view.
  • Added a new branch indicator on the Git commit sheet to tell you which branch you're currently on before committing to it.
  • Using "Cmd+B" (View -> Bookmarks) will cause the window to be brought to your current desktop.
  • When the user has a local branch named differently to the remote branch, but is still tracking it, and selects 'upstream' as the push default in Preferences, the branch should be automatically selected in the Push dialog
  • Stopped allowing the git branch sheet from being resizable as the contents weren't docked in any way on either sheet.
  • Created the full screen menu items and fixed the shortcuts so it's correctly set as Ctrl+Cmd+F
  • Disable "Show in Finder" and other equivalents for files/folders that are no longer in the file system of a specific repository or if the repository folder has been removed and you use the bookmarks view to "Show in Finder".
  • Mercurial repositories no longer ask to checkout a tag if there's no working copy changes.
  • Added support for "--autosquash" in Git Rebase Interactive.
  • The return key now closes the full console output sheet when a git/hg command has executed.
  • Window restoration for the bookmarks view has been fixed to adhere to Apple guidelines.
  • Disabled the re-open windows preference for anyone using 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or below.
  • Option to keep or delete your branch on finishing a git flow feature now works in French and Japanese translations.
  • Removed the SourceTree warning asking the user to upgrade their Mac OS X version if the minor OS version is 10.7.4.
  • Now correctly sets the rebase prefs in the pull dialog upon pulling a tracked branch from a remote in the sidebar.

SourceTree 1.6.1 - Minor Release

  • You can now undo/redo in Git rebase interactive. Also added a 'Date' column for the commit date, deleted commits are shown with a strikethrough and you can now restore deleted commits
  • You can now force fetch tags in Git from the fetch dialog by using the "Fetch and store all tags locally" option
  • A new preference allows users to enable/disable desktop notifications right from within SourceTree
  • Spaces are now disallowed when entering a new feature name in the new feature dialog for git flow
  • New preference to select all files of a commit in the log view rather than selecting the first file by default
  • Fixed a git submodules bug where dots in the submodule name caused a major problem when deleting the submodule
  • Fixed a bug where if you select a range of commits in the log view and then click on the first row of that range of commits it won't refresh the diff/log view.
  • Naming convention in git/hg flow allowed spaces in feature names which would fail. Now we auto-replace with underscores instead.
  • Stopped allowing a user to interactively rebase against an uncommitted line, this would cause an error
  • Fixed the borders not showing on the footer of git repositories

SourceTree - Hotfix Release

  • Override the "core.editor" setting so default Git settings are overriden when using interactive rebase
  • The new Mountain Lion window restoration process could happen out of expected order causing SourceTree to crash
  • Users upgrading from App Store version (1.5.6) to 1.6.0 could have experienced some issues in the update process

SourceTree 1.6 - Major Release

  • Git rebase interactive introduced allowing you to interactively rebase right from within SourceTree.
  • Atlassian ID integration allows users to register SourceTree with Atlassian directly from within the application.
  • "Log Selected" context menu option now allows you to select multiple files
  • The menu option "File > New" now shows as "File > New / Clone" to make it clearer what you can do from the sheet for users who don't understand where to clone from.
  • Borders in all views are now cleaner by reducing their width. Also introduced borders into views that had them missing.
  • You can now have passwords that are up to 75 characters long instead of 50 characters for GitHub, Bitbucket, Kiln and Stash.
  • The latest Araxis diff/merge tool now works with SourceTree
  • Git remembers previously selected options in the merge/pull dialogs and sheets.
  • The "commit merged changes immediately" checkbox is now remembered between pulls
  • Notification support for new commits compatible with 10.6+ (Growl required for Mac OS 10.6/7)
  • The push sheet in Mercurial now shows if you're pushing a new branch to a remote.
  • New preferences option to change pull counts to reflect the currently checked out branch in Mercurial.
  • Git-svn repositories now show the "Revision Number" in the commit metadata as a field
  • Repositories in bookmarks now refresh if they were children of a folder that was previously collapsed once expanded again.
  • External diff wasn't working correctly with "ignore whitespace" when selected lines were being staged.
  • Two options for the merge tool were being set simultaneously in SourceTree preferences.
  • Set a minimum size on the File Log window as you could reduce it to whatever you wanted. This caused a view bug if you reduced it to nothing and expanded it back out again.
  • When closing the entire branches tree, upon a manual refresh it won't auto-expand the branches tree against your will
  • Help pages now work when clicking the "?" buttons on dialogs that provide help

SourceTree 1.5.8

  • Git commit error handling wasn't properly handled in the case where a remote was invalid but the commit worked fine. This is now dealt with and appropriate user feedback is given.
  • The Git patch format changed causing a problem for people trying to apply patches from valid patch files. SourceTree now deals with the new patch format correctly.
  • Fixed a log view auto-refresh problem when the repository state goes from clean to having untracked files outside of SourceTree it wouldn't show the uncommitted line unless manual refresh was done.
  • New icon set!

SourceTree - Hotfix

  • Fix default branch selection in git push dialog when only a subset of branches should be selected,for example when using the 'current' branch push option.

SourceTree 1.5.7 - Minor Release

  • Kaleidoscope 2 now supports merging. Added support for use as an external merge tool.
  • Allow adding of ignored files when user requests it
  • When selecting 'Current Branch' in the log view, allow user to specify 'First Parent Only' to not follow merges back to their originating branches.
  • Added an option for Git commits to "bypass commit hooks" which uses the --no-verify flag to the commit. This is activated on the commit sheet by checking a check box at the bottom of the sheet.
  • You can now remove remotes directly from the sidebar context menu.
  • When committing and pushing, if the commit succeeds but the push fails, close the commit dialog rather than return to the commit dialog.
  • Some more Japanese translations updated
  • Fix 'Select All' checkbox being checked on re-opening the Push dialog (Git)
  • Now when you checkout a branch the sidebar will expand to display it if necessary
  • Correctly deal with the case of a commit message with a '[*]' prefix, which could previously break detection of remote branch
  • In Gitflow/Hgflow Next Action dialog, buttons can be navigated via the keyboard now if System Preferences are set to tab through buttons.
  • Fix not automatically refreshing remotes when a user manually edits their .hg/hgrc file outside of SourceTree.
  • Disable the version prefix option in Hgflow because it is not supported by the current stable version of hgflow
  • Fix the Branches list in Mercurial Push dialog advanced section sometimes including invalid characters
  • Clear the revision field when re-opening the Mercurial Pull sheet.
  • Fix support for Kaleidoscope diff when updated to version 2.0+
  • Fix not being able to use both the custom git and custom git-flow at the same time.
  • Display a more informative message when Stash login fails.
  • Fix not being able to drag and drop folders onto SourceTree dock icon in the Mac App Store version (always worked in direct download version)

SourceTree 1.5.6 - Minor Release

  • Fix an obscure crash bug when re-selecting a range of log rows and fromRow > endRow (and from is across a load boundary)
  • Add new keyboard shortcut (Cmd-Alt-R) for Revert/Reset SelectedYou used to be able to do Shift-Cmd-R but this was supposed to be the toolbar revert, i.e. a dialog, when this was fixed you lost the ability to do a keyboard-only revert of the current selection, so add a new shortcut
  • Task window progress bar should turn solid blue on completion instead of remaining striped
  • Only enable 'Diff against current' if selecting a different branch, or uncommitted changes exist
  • Fix bug opening the create new hosted repository sheet if no hosted account is set as the default
  • Fix layout of French & Japanese Create New Hosted Repository sheet
  • Fix sizing issue in git/hg-flow preview panel that could cause unnecessary scroll bars, which were intrusive on Snow Leopard
  • Update outgoing count immediately when finishing a feature / release / hotfix in hg-flow
  • Fix crashing when Mac OS 9 carriage returns added before commit message
  • Improve handling of 'Resolve using mine' and 'Resolve using theirs' in rebase scenarios
  • Enable 'Resolve Using Mine/Theirs' in more cases now that the underlying action is more robust. In particular this now works for cases where you pull in hg into uncommitted changes and there's a conflict
  • Automatically replace spaces in remote names with underscores in git, which doesn't allow them
  • Deal with git ambiguity caused by having a file called HEAD in the root of the file system

SourceTree - Minor Release

  • Fix startup crash on Mac OS 10.6
  • Properly cope with filenames which are escaped in git status such as "____".txt

SourceTree 1.5.5 - Minor Release

  • Log view now maintains its contents rather than clearing them when refreshing, except when explicitly triggered by Cmd-R, a filter/sort option change, or following an explicit action (like Commit). This leads to a better user experience when there are outside changes causingSourceTree to re-check the log.
  • Updated the Bitbucket icon in the setup wizard, and added Stash support
  • Add extra 'Show Modified' file status filter which excludes untracked files. This canbe a good optimisation for general use on very large repositories, particularly in git,since finding untracked files can take most of the time.
  • Updated Japanese translations
  • Safety check to prevent crash with badly formed remote entries in .git/config
  • Fix a couple of account saving problems in the Setup Wizard
  • Updated hgsubversion to fix compatibility with hg 2.3
  • Fix keyboard text input in strip field on apply patch dialog
  • Fix 'rebase is not a git command' error on Mountain Lionwhen finishing a git-flow feature with rebase

SourceTree 1.5.4 - Minor Release

  • Added the option to use custom git-flow install (note: must include some recent fixes, detailsavailable when selecting the option).
  • Added a menu option 'Open Selected Version' to log views so you can view a historical snapshot of afile more easily. Previously this was available only via the Quick Look dialog.
  • Change description of the --keep-index option in the Git stash dialog to be clearer
  • Fix inability to install command-line tools if a version prior to Mountain Lion certificate change was already installed
  • Fix bug invoking custom actions with multiple commit SHAs
  • Fix bug detecting current git-flow feature in the case of multiple open features
  • Translations for custom git-flow use (SRCTREE-1149)
  • Fix Reset and Stash options being incorrectly disabled when only renamed files
  • Fix resetting renamed file in git
  • Do not set permanent --no-ff option based on last merge; instead treat it as a once-off in this dialog and use Preferences to set permanently
  • Fix inability to access Pull option on sidebar context menu for nested branch tracking a remote branch
  • Make the 'Rebase instead of merge' option on the top-level Git merge sheet work: behave like sidebar right-click rebase
  • Make sure full task outpu...

SourceTree (com.torusknot.sourcetreenotmas) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Aploader. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is SourceTree 75. The most popular version of this application used by our users is SourceTree 104.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.10

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010-2016 Atlassian. All Rights Reserved.