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June 22, 2014
July 9, 2018

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Bulk Email is a utility to send attractive, personalised email to groups of recipients while keeping within anti-spamming laws and your mail server limits.

Privacy Policy
To see the Bulk Email Privacy Policy go to www.bulkemailapp.com/Privacy

Terms of Service Policy
While InApp purchases and Subscriptions are not compulsory for the use of this application, for information on the auto-renewable nature of the subscriptions, the terms of use of any InApp purchases and subscriptions see the Terms of Service Policy at www.bulkemailapp.com/TermsOfService

A free one-year subscription is provided to store pictures and documents on the server plus record recipient click events. Further subscriptions are provided in periods of: one month, two months, three months, six months or one year. See the Terms of Service Policy for more details.

Bulk Email feature include:
  • Subscribe for additional service after the first free year (1/23/6 months or one year)
  • Over 50 predefined HTML-based email templates (most including pictures) or create your own
  • Purchase additional templates to keep and use as many times as you want (they don't expire)
  • Keeps a record of all emails read and click events
  • Allows recipients to view email in a browser
  • Simple usage - paste emails addresses then send
  • Weeds out invalid email addresses
  • Blocks emails containing certain text (e.g. sales@... or info@... or ...@hotmail)
  • Include only addresses containing certain text (e.g. ...com.au or ...ac.uk or ...@ibm.com)
  • Limit the number of emails that can be sent to a recipient per number of days (e.g. 1 per 30 days or 12 per 365 days)
  • Keeps a blacklist of opt-out recipients (sorts and de-duplicates the list)
  • Keeps a searchable database of all emails sent (individually and in aggregate)
  • Extract all the emails out of any pasted text
  • Export your previous emails Client database as CSV, XLS/XML or tab-delimited
  • Determine the reason why an email has bounced from any pasted in text
  • Over 20 predefined common ISP SMTP definitions with email sending quotas
  • Send as secure email (SSLv1, SSLv2 and TLSv1.0 to v1.3)
  • Include a separate Reply-To email address and name
  • Includes links to guides to reduce the likelihood of your email being flagged as Spam
  • Gives Spam-related warnings before sending based on content
  • Export your Email content database as CSV, XML, PDF or tab-delimited
  • Automatic generation of the email's plain-text body based upon the HTML body
  • Automatic live-Preview of the HTML as it is being written
  • Automatic insertion of personal variables such as Dates, Title, FirstName, LastName and EmailAddress anywhere in the email Body or Subject
  • Choose if you want to send the email via the TO, CC or BCC fields.
  • Add multiple file attachments
  • Create buttons that jump to web sites, download files, etc.
  • Send emails as: Individual Email, Grouped in bundles (e.g. 50) or place all email addresses in one big email
  • Limit the total number of emails and recipients per hour (e.g. no more than 50 emails or 50 recipients per hour - it will delay the hour then keep sending) based on ISP quotas
  • Set a delay (e.g. 5 seconds) between the sending of each email - some mail servers require this to stop spam
  • Create and insert up to ten text variables - these will be inserted into your emails when sent. This allows you to have non-experts change the variable (e.g. meeting date) without having to edit the more complex HTML
  • Test the email to a single email address for accuracy before sending out in bulk.

  • What's New
    [New] WYSIWYG email designer
    [New] Variables can be full HTML objects.
    [New] Store personal email templates and download new templates
    [New] Set the email's From Name and ReplyTo Name
    [New] Sending Emails can be paused, restarted
    [New] Read Receipts available for recipient's Mail Exchange and Mail program
    [New] Open and click events within emails can be recorded online
    [New] Online assets (pictures, documents, etc) can be uploaded and stored online making emails smaller
    [New] More SMTP security settings
    [New] Import Contacts from macOS address book
    [New] Give recipients the option to 'View Email in Browser'
    [New] Extensive Help system
    [New] Emails can be set to send on a particular date and time
    [New] Create buttons to download files, link to web pages and unsubscribe
    [New] Contacts database available to all email Campaigns
    [New] Contact Groups and Membership
    [New] Click events include browser type, browser version, screen size, mobile device, OS platform, rendering engine, recipient date/time, GMT offset, language, language direction, remote IP address, screen scale factor and IP approximate Geolocation (city, postcode, state/county and country)
    [New] All reports allow the exporting of data in CSV, XML/XLS, tab-delimited and PDF formats
    [New] Warns if there is no Opt-Out Unsubscribe warning as per CAN-SPAM Act
    [New] Date Variables in multiple formats
    [New] Automatically unchecks recipients who have been emailed too frequently.
    [Fix] Plain body text is much tidier
    [Fix] More reliable SMTP settings
    [Fix] The Plain text email now has the correct merged data.
    [Fix] Fixed a problem where the usernames and variables were not being substituted in the Plain Text of the email.

    Bulk Email (com.holymackerelsoftware.bulkemail) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Aploader. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Bulk Email 206.