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The Bitmap Image Editor for Mac OS X

Paintbrush 2.1.2

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with Paintbrush all these years! Big things are on their way, but here’s a little update to show that we still remember how to update this guy. Paintbrush 2.1.2 resolves a number of critical crashers and other irritating bugs, including:
  • Text insertion is now undoable.
  • Fixed a crash involving image resizing with the selection tool active
  • Cursor updates are now more reliable

Paintbrush 2.1.1

Paintbrush 2.1.1 features a number of critical stability and functionality fixes, and is highly recommended for all current Paintbrush users.

Paintbrush 2.1

New in Paintbrush 2.1:
  • Color accuracy: All-new internal image storage means far better color accuracy
  • Transparent selection: Automatically remove the background color in selections for pixel-perfect positioning
  • Speed: In addition to full 64-bit support, various tools have gotten speed boosts, including the massively improved Fill tool
  • Bug fixes: Sadly, Paintbrush isn’t without bugs, but as of 2.1 it’s nearer to perfection than ever before
  • Little things: Better printing options, enhanced image resize UI, improved transparency support (including the classic checkerboard pattern), and quality settings when saving images as JPEGs
  • And much more!

Paintbrush 2.0.1

Bug fixes since 2.0.0:
  • Text Tool now correctly supports subpixel antialiasing
  • Removed artifacts associated when clicking on color wells
  • Now uses higher compiler optimization
For a full list of what’s new in Painbrush 2.0, click here!

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Paintbrush (com.soggywaffles.paintbrush) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Aploader. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Paintbrush 20151115.

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