What's New

Version 4.3.2

* Added option to archive without compressing into .zip
* Fixed location crash bug
* Numerous localization updates
* Other optimizations

Version 4.3.1

* Updated missing localizations
* Fixed bug in Registration panel
* Minor UI tweaks
* Cleaned up miscellaneous error logs
* Additional fixes

Version 4.3

* Now optimized for macOS Sierra
* Runs on Lion up to Sierra
* New icon and graphics
* New App Reset tool
* New Clear Logs tool
* Improved search algorithm
* Improved window design
* Numerous visual tweaks
* Localization updates
* Optimizations, bug-fixes, and improvements throughout…

Version 4.2.7

* Improved search algorithm to handle special cases

Version 4.2.6

* Fixed issue where using Undo from Folder might not work from certain locations
* Fixed issue where messages in Open Panels might not appear
* Changed default location for Undo from Folder to the Trash

Version 4.2.5

* Improved search algorithm
* Improved registration panel
* Other fixes and improvements

Version 4.2.4

* Fixed vulnerability in Sparkle updater

Version 4.2.3

* Made updater El Capitan compatible
* Added Cancel buttons to Genius/Orphans dialogs
* Trash package now features AppDelete icon
* Miscellaneous bug fixes
* Other optimizations

Version 4.2.2

* Added registration logging for rejections
* Fixed bug in Dutch localization
* Other minor fixes

Version 4.2.1

* Minor bug fixes and localization updates

Version 4.2

* Optimized for Yosemite (still backwards compatible with Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks)
* New refreshed UI and graphics for Yosemite
* New app icon for all OS versions
* Improved and more efficient search algorithm
* Now possible to copy/paste from log
* Fixed issue where menu bar icon wouldn’t appear in dark mode (Yosemite)
* Miscellaneous bug-fixes and optimizations throughout
* And new website…

Version 4.1.6

* Fixed additional bug in Genius feature on pre-Yosemite systems

Version 4.1.5

* Fixed outstanding bug in registration system that could cause a user to register multiple times
* Fixed several bugs that could occur when using the Genius feature
* Other miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations
* Yosemite UI refresh coming soon :-)

Version 4.1.4

* Compatible with Yosemite OS 10.10
* Fixed bug in registration system that could cause a user to be asked more than once
* Fixed issue where Select All/Select None might not work as expected
* Fixed issue where item count could be wrong
* Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Version 4.1.3

* Fixed a bug in the updater where it could ask for a password by mistake
* Resolved issue where preference files might be cached after deleting in Mavericks
* Improved search algorithm for finding more files than ever before
* Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Version 4.1.2

* Updated localization files and fixed various errors
* Fixed issue in UI where Info/Reveal in Finder buttons might get misaligned
* Fixed issue where AppDelete might crash when searching for Orphans
* Fixed issue where AppDelete might crash when searching in log
* Code optimizations for better all-around performance
* Other miscellaneous optimizations

Version 4.1.1

* Fixed issue with Launch AppDelete at Startup preference in Mavericks
* AppDelete will now remember your preferred location for archives
* Minor localization updates
* Other miscellaneous fixes

Version 4.1

* Fully compatible with OS 10.9 Mavericks
* Backwards compatibility with OS 10.7 Lion and OS 10.8 Mountain Lion
* New and Improved search algorithm to find the most files ever
* New - Korean localization
* Updated - Japanese localization
* UI bug fixes in Mavericks
* Updated Sparkle updater with new localizations
* Built with latest Dev tools
* Versions for older OS versions available via website
* Other optimizations and updates

Version 4.0.9

* Fixed bug where AppDelete might not interact properly with VoiceOver
* Various localization edits/improvements
* Other miscellaneous fixes

Version 4.0.8

* Fixed bug where AppDelete might have to be restarted for logging to appear
* Other miscellaneous fixes

Version 4.0.7

* Fixed bug that could cause AppDelete to crash when deleting files
* Other miscellaneous optimizations/fixes

Version 4.0.6

* Search field is now keyboard focus when using panels (Apps, Others, etc.)
* Fixed bug where AppDelete could crash when using panels together with search field
* Improvements to Hidden mode and app startup
* Various localization updates and edits
* Miscellaneous code cleanup and bug fixes

Version 4.0.5

* Completed French, Italian, and Dutch translations
* Other various localization edits
* New preference to disable sound effects
* Bug fixes

Version 4.0.4

* Fixed issue where Quit when Closing preference might not work as expected
* Fixed issue where Registration Panel might disappear not allowing the user to register

Version 4.0.3

* Added preference to hide Menu Bar icon when running in Hidden mode

Version 4.0.2

* Fixed issue where Show Hidden Files might not work as expected
* Improved compatibility with VoiceOver
* Fixed a few bugs in German translation
* Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.0.1

* Updated few images that were not displaying properly in Retina displays
* Fixed various bugs in German localization
* Also fixed minor bugs in French/Italian localizations
* Fixed issue where buttons on main window were not labeled for VoiceOver
* Fixed issue where the Hide option in Login Items was being ignored
* Improved overall stability
* Other miscellaneous fixes

Version 4.0

This update requires OS 10.7 (Lion) or higher.Contact support for any questions.

* All-New UI and revised workflow for the best AppDelete experience ever
* Optimized for operation on Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks
* File sizes and grouping for all items
* All latest technologies being utilized such as Automatic Reference Counting and Grand Central Dispatch
* Updated Tools menu with features such as showing Library folder and deleting .DS_Store files
* All-New Genius Search and much improved Orphans search
* Major updates to Hidden mode for background operation with menubar icon
* Additional Preferences such as Ignore List and Protect Running Apps
* Updated Help file to make options more clear to user
* And More... (visit main AppDelete page for complete details)

AppDelete (com.apps4macs.appdelete) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Aploader. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is AppDelete 4.3.2. The most popular version of this application used by our users is AppDelete 4.3.3.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.7

Bundle Information: AppDelete 4.3.2 (c) 2006 - 2017 by Reggie Ashworth