This page contains answers to some of the frequently asked questions relating to the Desktop application.

User Questions

How can I download Aploader?
The client can be downloaded for free from the following pages: Aploader for Windows, Aploader for Mac OS X

How can I submit my own review and rating for software?
Please install the Aploader, open the client, and click "My Apps". On this page you have the ability to select a star rating out of 5, and optionally add your own review of the software. Ratings are submitted this way to ensure the most accurate ratings possible, as only people with the software actually installed can submit a rating.

How can I uninstall Aploader?
Uninstalling Aploader is very simple, just follow these instructions:

Developer Questions

How can I submit my software product for inclusion in the site?
Aploader uses a novel approach for software discovery. Similar to a search engine there is no way to submit your software to Aploader it must be discovered by our client community. Therefore your software will be discovered if people in our community have it installed on their computers. Hint: installing the client yourself will help the community discover it but it takes more than one detection to be included.

The details of my software product are incorrect
The software detail pages on Aploader are automatically generated using information extracted from the software itself. This includes such details are the product details, name and publisher name. If these details are incorrect please ensure you are following industry standards for naming conventions, and check the meta-data of your software executables. We also support Sparkle formatted update meta, if you'd like update information reflected in your product please consider including Sparkle information in your distribution.